WWJD? What DID Yeshua (Jesus) Do?

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Do you remember the “WWJD” craze of the 90’s? Sometimes it felt like everywhere you turned (especially in a church setting) you were confronted with it.  Even non-believers were proudly sporting bracelets, shirts, book covers and who knows what else that was adorned with those fascinating four letters (well, really three), ‘WWJD.’  As we look back and reflect on those times and take a hard look at what we believed and why we believed it we found that there is a corresponding question that has to go hand in hand with it.  Without asking this question it’s rather difficult to say with any certainty that the answer we would come up with to the question “WWJD” is the right one.  The question that must follow is, “What DID Yeshua (Jesus) Do?”

Walk like Yeshua

If we don’t ask ourselves “WDYD?” then we are left to our own thoughts on how we THINK the question should be answered.  In addition it would appear that most people (us included at the time!) never asked the question about some things in Scripture that we just took for granted we knew the answer too because, for example, our Pastor told us so. 

It turns out that we need not look to ourselves or others for an arbitrary answer. We need only to be “walking as He walked” as John said (1 John 2:6). We simply need to follow Him because that is what a good disciple does. And when our hearts are set on imitating our Master (which is what a disciple does) then we’ll learn what we should and shouldn’t be doing as ones called by His Name.
Below is a video that is very simple, and very short which is a great example of “WDYD?”

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