Who Are We?

Coastlands Congregation of Messiah is a gathering of believers in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah located in Washington, PA (just south of Pittsburgh, PA)

We exist to glorify The Creator and encourage one another to conform our lives to the Ways of our King, to walk as our Master Yeshua walked. We desire to be a place to come to for those who realize that there has to be something more. For those who have a nagging feeling that there is something missing from what the traditional church system offers.  We desire to be a place of gathering for those who are ready to experience the depth and riches of the Word of The King and those who are beginning to grow frustrated with the contradictions they are noticing between what is typically preached and what the Word says.

We are saved by grace through faith. We uphold that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Hope of Israel, the Promised One, the Messiah.
We seek to align ourselves with how Our Great King instructs us to live in a world that is daily distancing itself from Him. No longer satisfied to simply do things they way they’ve always been done simply because “That’s how we’ve always done it,” rather we seek to audit our beliefs and practices and align them to His perfect instructions and truly become more like Our Master, Yeshua.
We are seeing that the Scriptures are in harmony, from the beginning to the end, and our prayer is in line with that of King David who said, “Open my eyes that I may behold wonderful things from Your Torah”. (Psalm 119:18)

Our name comes from Isaiah 42:1-4 & Isaiah 51:4-5