Was God Overly Harsh In “The Old Testament”? Why Understanding Covenant is Critical

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angry godHave you ever wrestled with the thoughts that God in the “Old Testament” was very harsh and perhaps ruthless? That He did not extend grace at all?  Or that He was always angry?

We have found that the study and understanding of ancient covenant language and form are something lacking in the body of Messiah and absolutely critical to an accurate understanding of our Scriptures. These Scriptures, which we hold so very dear, are packed full of covenants and covenant language. When we begin to grasp these facts the conundrum many wrestle with fades away. It is exposed as a false and failing view of not only who our King was, but who He is and who He will ever be.

In addition this also brings clarity to the questions many have such as ‘What does He expect of me?’

If you are interested in further study on the subject here are a few ministries which we highly recommend that are doing excellent work in this regard.

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