That’s Not What it Means to Me! – A Modern Day Parable

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A man, Greg, is in a long relationship with a woman, Bethany, for many years. They end up breaking up, because he becomes a “God-fearing” man, and Bethany hates religion. The man meets his new wife, Rose, who also fears God, and they get married. However, they live in constant confusion and crisis. He always wants to celebrate her birthday on the day Bethany was born. Rose doesn’t understand this.

Greg always tries to explain to Rose that it’s not about Bethany anymore. It’s now about her. He insists on wearing his shirt that Bethany loved best on him, eating her favorite foods, and spraying her perfume in the air. The whole time, he insists to Rose that he is actually celebrating her birth, and not Bethany’s. Rose always asks, “if you love me, why don’t you celebrate my birth on my birthday?” Even further, Greg will never celebrate their actual marriage anniversary on the day they were married. He always wants to keep it on the day the him and Bethany first started dating. He refuses to eat Rose’s favorite food that she spends hours making for them. He refuses to answer her phone calls. He refuses to do anything she likes. He only wants to do what he and Bethany used to do. But he still always insists that he is actually loving Rose by doing these things. He swears that he is keeping Rose central the whole time, and asks Rose, “don’t you see my heart? I’m really just trying to love you, please you, and show everyone else how much I love you!”

Rose has finally had it. She still loves Greg very much. To try to win the rest of his heart over, she explains how much she hates Greg doing everything that he and Bethany used to do. She told him that to really love her, he would do things that she loved instead-keeping her real birth, eating her favorite foods, and celebrating their actual anniversary. She says that Greg has a choice. He can choose to start falling in love with her, or just go back to Bethany. But she can’t act as if she doesn’t care that he is still clinging to his past relationship, while still being married to her, and claiming to love her. Now Greg’s eyes are opened. He realizes that he has not been loving Rose. He is in deep thought as he ponders falling madly in love with Rose, or divorcing her, forsaking his faith in God, and going back to Bethany. He now has to choose whom he will love…

You see, this story is not so foreign. This is how we treat our Rose-our Rose of Sharon. He never stops loving us as we make the choices we do. He says, “if you love Me, guard my commandments.” And we say we love Him by “keeping Him central in Christmas.” We say we are actually celebrating His birth, when it is the birthday of a satanic, Babylonian sun-god. We say we love Him when we eat things that are not set apart by His word and prayer. We don’t eat His favorite foods. We also don’t keep His anniversaries-appointed feasts which are a memory of things past, a celebration of our life in Him, and a roadmap to His second coming. We are NOT loving Him by living that which His soul hates. We left the “prince of the air” to be with our new Prince, but we still cling to our old prince. Will we choose to fall madly in live with Yeshua? Or forsake Him?”


Thank you to our friend Chris Allen Pope of for sharing this on facebook. It was written by a friend of his, Jacob Dalton Schmidt