Reflections from Passover

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Did you celebrate Passover recently?  If so, we have two questions for you that came to mind as we were gathered together for the community Seder we at Coastlands Congregation of Messiah participated in together.

1. Did you celebrate Passover in order to earn your salvation?
2. Did you feel as if you were in bondage while participating in the Seder?

Both questions are for effect and to prove a point. We know how how everyone would answer, and it proves how sad the commonly held view of so many is which causes them to view much of Scripture, in this case, our King’s Appointed Times, His Special Days, with such a misguided understanding.  One of the beautiful things about our King’s Appointed Times is that when you actually participate in them, compared to knowing about them theoretically, you begin (especially if a critic) to see things differently.  It’s easy for others to sit on the sidelines and condemn their brethren by making claims such as those noted in question #1 above because for them there is no reality in the practice.  For them they are speaking about something they do not know about.  But…thankfullyMore and more are seeing these things as a blessing, and with the correct perspective.  And for that we are excited!

Have you had your eyes opened to the wondrous things of our King’s Torah, like the Appointed Times?  If so we’d love to hear your story.  Feel free to share in the comments.

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