Rebekah & the Holy Spirit

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I just love it when the Lord leads me into greater understanding of His Word. After reading the account of Jacob and Esau in light of what I have been learning recently, I now see Rebekah and Jacob’s plan to prevent Isaac from blessing Esau with a new set of eyes. What appears to be deception in the physical realm was actually the work of the Holy Spirit to preserve Yah’s people, land, and covenant.

Rebekah was functioning in the role of the Spirit (which is personified in Scripture as female). In Genesis 2:18 when Elohim creates woman to be a ‘helper’ for man that word ‘helper’ in the Hebrew actually means “helper against him”. Yeshua in John 14:26 said he would send the Holy Spirit to be our helper. The helper works to keep Yah’s children on the Way. What can appear as opposition is actually working for someone’s good.

Before Jacob and Esau were born, Rebekah inquired of the Lord and was told that 2 nations divided were in her womb and that the older would serve the younger. Esau, the older, was born red and hairy, a picture of a beast, one who gives into the appetites, desires, and emotions of his soul (Hebrew, nefesh). Jacob was born holding Esau’s heel, a picture of one walking according to the Spirit and not according to the nefesh (the heel is lowest part of a man, closest to the ground where the serpent/craftiest beast of the field can attack). Isaac was 60 when they were born. 6 is the number of beast and man. Mankind after sin has 2 potentials, to walk according to the image of the Creator (good/obedience) or according to the image of the Beast (evil/disobedience).

Isaac loved Esau more which likely tells us that he was influenced by his nefesh (soul/flesh) and not walking according to the leading of the Spirit. As a result his eyes grew dim and he could not see and was nearing death, spiritual not physical death. According to Lamentations 5:16-17 and 1 Samuel 3, eyes growing dim are a result of sin and having a lack of vision, a lack of the Word. Proverbs 6:23 tells us the commandment is a lamp. Lamps/light goes out when one fails to walk in obedience to the commandments. Isaac was about to make a huge mistake and bless Esau and make him master over Jacob. It was in complete contrast to what the Lord spoke over the boys while in the womb.

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Rebekah needed to act and fast! She instructs Jacob to obey her voice and do as she commands. The book of Proverbs tells us not to forsake the instruction of our mother (1:8, 6:20). The teaching of our mother (that of wisdom, that of the Spirit) guards and protects us (4:6) . Jacob submits to Rebekah’s voice and obeys her commands (Exactly what we as believers are supposed to do, submit to the voice of the Spirit who leads us in remembrance of the teachings, commandments of Messiah and the Father.) Jacob’s obedience to his mother’s instruction prevented his father from making a tragic mistake! Jacob (one walking according to the Spirit, bearing the image of the Creator) received the blessing, specifically that of being master over his brother Esau (one bearing the image of a beast). Rebekah, although she appeared to be deceiving her husband, was working for him, to preserve His seed and the promise given to Abraham and his descendants.

Praise Yah for giving us His Spirit and leading us in truth!
He has so much to teach us in His Word!

If you have a desire to understand the Scriptures, to not be intimidated by them, to go deeper, pray and ask the Lord to show you His truth no matter the cost. He is faithful.

Feel free to contact us, we would love to talk with anyone desiring to have a more intimate relationship with their Creator.


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