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When presented with the Appointed Times (special days, holidays, etc.) outlines in Scripture there is an often repeated response that many seem to instinctively give.  It usually sounds a little something like this; “Those are Jewish holidays!” (Or, “That’s just for the Jews,” etc.).  The reason, we believe based upon experience, that response is so common is because that is what they’ve been told. Anyone who hears something over and over again will believe it if it is not challenged or critically thought over (and even then it can be rejected even if shown to be false if acceptance of it would upset their world view too much).   Perhaps you hold to this view.  Perhaps that is what you’ve always been told.

BUT did you know that THREE TIMES in one chapter (Leviticus 23) God Himself says that they are HIS Appointed Times? It’s true!

Leviticus 23:2 – These are the appointed feasts of the LORD….they are MY Appointed Feasts
Leviticus 23:4 – These are the appointed feasts of the LORD
Leviticus 23:37 – These are the appointed feasts of the LORD

The question now is this; Whose Word will you take for it?

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