Honor & Shame – Are You on the Right Side?

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When God’s name is “spoken ill of” because God’s people disobey God’s commands or live immorally (Rom 2:24; 1 Tim 6:1), God’s people are participating in the dishonoring of God;
God’s name is also “spoken ill of ” by his enemies (Rev 13:6; 16:9), resulting in God’s vindication of his honor through the punishment of those enemies.
-Honor, Patronage, Kinship & Purity: Unlocking New Testament Culture, p. 15, David Arthur deSilva


The big takeaway from the above quote is this: If we call ourselves by His Name, then the things we say, do (and don’t say and don’t do) are either going to bring honor or shame to His Name.  At the end of the day our King will stand for His honor and bring to shame all those who dishonor Him.  We should always stand for his honor and integrity and rest in the fact that while injustices may occur and others speak shameful things about our King that He will stand for His Name in ways we are unable to.  Only He is able to issue righteous judgment and openly shame the arrogant who stand against Him and attempt to shame Him.
May we always be mindful that our actions, our acceptance or rejection of his commandments (his loving instructions) are not limited to our world and our name, but they are either shaming or honoring the Name of The Great King.

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