He Doesn’t Change…But He Does…Well, He Doesn’t…But…

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How can The Creator, who does NOT change (Malachi 3:6), be fine with the modern day teachings which are the same as those of the priests of Ezekiel’s day did? How can what once profaned the Unchanging One’s Name, now be something He is okay with?

Ezekiel 22 26

Have you ever noticed the contradictions that are frequently present in the life of many believers?  Where we say God is one way, then on the other hand say He did something completely contrary to what we stated to start with.  Will you believe in the Uprightness of the God of Scripture, or believe what your Pastor, or favorite TV evangelist tells you about who God is? Will you search the Scriptures for yourself and ask the hard questions?  We encourage you to do so.

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