Do NOT Quarrel On The Way

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Do not Quarrel on the Way

We would like to point out something that recently stood out in Scripture to us, which the body of Messiah needs to hear.

Recall the life of Yosef (Joseph) and everything that happened which led up to the point of him revealing himself to his brothers, which resulted in their reconciliation and ultimately the reunification of the whole house of Jacob (Israel).

When Yosef sends his brothers back to gather Jacob and the rest of the family, he leaves them with one parting instruction, and it is, we believe, a word that carries throughout time to The Father’s people today.
Genesis 45:24 records these words: “Do not quarrel on the way.”

These words should hit closer to home for us since it is well established that Yosef was a type and shadow of The Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus).

As we all walk this journey, on The Way we should heed these words. Many of us are looking for the wolves clothed like sheep when the bigger problem might be the sheep biting and ramming one another needlessly. There is far too much separation over petty matters and far too much “truth” being shared without love. We are not advocating for compromise on core matters, but rather noting that if we are actually on the same team we need not be tearing each other down and separating. Lay your spiritual pride aside and seek to build others up in love.


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