Could 2000 Years of Christianity be Wrong About the Torah?

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One of the biggest points of resistance Christians give when being presented with the continued validity of the Torah and that Yeshua did not come to do away with it is a response that goes something like this. ‘I’ve been fine without all of this Torah or “Jewish” stuff. My Pastor says it’s not for us. Don’t you know that Jesus nailed that to the cross? The Torah was bondage and he took it out of the way. The church has done quite well for over 2000 years without the Torah.”

The appeal to 2,000 years of history is certainly something that on the surface appears hard to argue against.

The general argument of the church goes something like this (from the link below):
Major premise: God controls history
Minor premise: The Christian Church, with her anti-Torah theology, has remained viable for two
millennia of the earth’s history
Therefore: God approves the anti-Torah theology of the Christian Church

Rather than try and re-create the wheel on this subject, we happily share a really good short paper written by Tim Hegg of TorahResource to address this question.
We encourage you to take your feelings and set them aside long enough to objectively weigh the evidence of Scripture in this matter.
>>>>2000 Years of Christianity – it is often said it cant be wrong<<<<




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