I am Ishshah, Woman

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I am a woman. In my earliest beginnings I was concealed within Adam ( אָדָ֖ם , mankind), together we were one flesh filled with the life giving breath of the Almighty. God’s purpose was that Adam in his masculine form not be alone, and I was brought forth in all my femininity with a purpose. I would function as his …

Gather the Scattered 2017

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Gather the Scattered 2016 was a success and the overwhelming feedback was that we needed to do it again.  So here we are, back for Gather the Scattered 2017!  We just released a promo video to give you a taste for what it is all about. (click below to read more)

Exodus 23:13 Decoded

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Have you ever heard anyone say that you are breaking Exodus 23:13 if you say, “God,” “Lord,” “Jesus,” etc.? Is that true? Are they right? “Pay attention to all that I have said to you, and make no mention of the names of other gods, nor let it be heard on your lips.” – Exodus 23:13

Jewish “Stuff”

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When presented with the Appointed Times (special days, holidays, etc.) outlines in Scripture there is an often repeated response that many seem to instinctively give.  It usually sounds a little something like this; “Those are Jewish holidays!” (Or, “That’s just for the Jews,” etc.).  The reason, we believe based upon experience, that response is so common is because that is …

Eight Levels of Giving

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Tzedekah is the Hebrew word for acts that are referred to as “charity.” Giving aid, assistance, and money to the poor and needy and to other worthy causes are examples of tzedekah. However, when we give, we don’t do so simply to be generous and altruistic. We do so because it is an act of righteousness and justice. Something that …

Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands – The Consequences of Fear

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I’ve always been a little bit uncomfortable when I’ve heard others teach on the story of Avram and Sarai’s (i.e. Abraham & Sarah) journey to Egypt. Specifically I am referring to how Avram is characterized for ‘lying’ to the Egyptians, stating that Sarai is his sister and not his wife. (See Genesis 12). The reason is that Avram is the …

Reflections from Passover

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Did you celebrate Passover recently?  If so, we have two questions for you that came to mind as we were gathered together for the community Seder we at Coastlands Congregation of Messiah participated in together. 1. Did you celebrate Passover in order to earn your salvation? 2. Did you feel as if you were in bondage while participating in the …