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Guardrails,  we’ve all seen them. Those silver shiny rails that extend the length of highways and roads that might be deemed a little dangerous. Their purpose is to keep you on the way that you should go, to prohibit you from wandering too far left or too far right, and to protect you and keep you from getting off course. Staying on the path will help you to arrive safely at your destination.

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The Heart & Mind in Ancient Near Eastern (and Biblical) Thought

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In the ancient Near East it was believed that the heart was the seat of emotion, will, where decisions are made. One of the intriguing things that follow this mindset is what the Egyptians believed happened once one died and also what they did during the mummification process.
Once an individual died it was believed that they would stand before the scales of Ma’at and have their heart weighed against a feather. Ma’at was the concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality and justice and was personified as a goddess which set order to the universe, taking it from a state of chaos to order, for one. (1)


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The Apostle Paul – Who Was He?

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Let’s be real for a moment.  Whether you realize it or not, Paul is arguably the most misunderstood person in all of the Scriptures. However, you may find that assessment quite odd.  The reason for this is, generally, we as believers read our views, our culture, how we think and act, into the Scriptures when we read them.  In addition we’ve had a Paul preached and taught to us that we accept without question more often than not.
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Impress Them On Your Children…Torah Study Resources for Kids

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As parents, we are commanded to teach our children the instructions of YHWH, His Torah. Deuteronomy 6:7 tells us that we are to impress His Word on our children. What does this word “impress” imply? The Hebrew word for impress is “shanan” and is often translated as sharpen when used elsewhere in Scripture. If you […]

WWJD? What DID Yeshua (Jesus) Do?

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Do you remember the “WWJD” craze of the 90’s? Sometimes it felt like everywhere you turned (especially in a church setting) you were confronted with it.  Even non-believers were proudly sporting bracelets, shirts, book covers and who knows what else that was adorned with those fascinating four letters (well, really three), ‘WWJD.’  As we look back and reflect on those times and take a hard look at what we believed and why we believed it we found that there is a corresponding question that has to go hand in hand with it.  Without asking this question it’s rather difficult to say with any certainty that the answer we would come up with to the question “WWJD” is the right one.  The question that must follow is, “What DID Yeshua (Jesus) Do?”

Walk like Yeshua

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Celebrating Shavuot as a Family

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Leviticus 23: 15-22 (HCSB) “You are to count seven complete weeks, starting from the day after the Sabbath, the day you brought the sheaf of the presentation offering. You are to count 50 days until the day after the seventh Sabbath and then present an offering of new grain to the LORD. Bring two loaves […]